Cultuur Historische Vereniging
't Heer en Feer
Taalroute Schiermonnikoog


8. Vredenhof

Simple is the grave
Everywhere silence reigns
A couple of shells, a flower, a bush, a cross
Here the larks sings its song,
Here the bent-grass rustles softly
Though he lies in foreign ground,
Yet he is safely home.
Lammert Wiersma

Lammert Wiersma
Schiermonnikoog 1881 - Schiermonnikoog 1980

When Lambert, son of merchant captain Jan Lammert Wiersma, was 15 years old, he moved to Amsterdam with his family. He reached his ranks at high speed and sailed until his marriage in 1909. Then he came ashore and eventually became director of the pilotage.
In 1969 he returned to the island.