Cultuur Historische Vereniging
't Heer en Feer
Taalroute Schiermonnikoog


1. Bus stop Oosterreeweg

What ties us to that piece of ground
We sailed around the world indeed
But were driven there again
And there we looked for our anchorage.

We wandered about there as a child
And have had much pleasure there
This remained with us all along
And has been inscribed in our hearts firmly.

What ties us to that piece of ground
The smallest thing is al ready a bond for us
Either dune or beach it might be:
A handful of sand.
Jacob Fenenga

Jacob Fenenga
Schiermonnikoog 1888 - Groningen 1972

Jacob Fenenga sailed as captain for the shipping company Phs van Ommeren in Rotterdam. After WW2 he returned with his family to Schiermonnikoog.